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Volume 8, no. 12, December 1997

Edited by Teri Andrews Rinne

The Library, University of California, Berkeley, 94720
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Contributors: Christof Galli, Kirk Hastings, Terry Huwe, Margaret Phillips, Richard Rinehart, Jim Ronningen, Roy Tennant

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Digital Libraries

Cromwell-Kessler, Willy. "Dublin Core Metadata in the RLG Information Landscape" D-Lib Magazine (December 1997) ( - In July 1997, the Research Libraries Group (RLG) held a "Metadata Summit" to provide a venue for a number of communities interested in metadata to explore their commonalities and differences, particularly vis. a vis. the Dublin Core. One of the outcomes of this meeting is the document "Guidelines For Extending the Use of Dublin Core Elements to Create a Generic Application Integrating All Kinds of Information Resources", which is aimed at those involved with developing the Dublin Core specification. At the core of this article as well as the "Guidelines" is the issue of how to handle the original object vs. the digital surrogate. - RT

Frey, Franziska. "Digital Imaging for Photographic Collections: Foundations for Technical Standards" RLG DigiNews 1(3) (December 15, 1997) ( - This brief article serves as a good introduction to the issues relating to digital imaging. But since it is the barest of overviews of the outcome of a two-year project of the same name, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, one is left with a feeling of impatience until the products from the project are published "sometime next year". But at least this piece can give a sneak peek into what will be coming soon in more detail. - RT

Mintzer, Fred, Jeffrey Lotspiech, and Norishige Morimoto. "Safeguarding Digital Library Contents and Users: Digital Watermarking" D-Lib Magazine (December 1997) ( - Digital watermarking is the online equivalent of the long-practiced art of marking paper with a mark of ownership or origin. Digital watermarking may be important to assert copyright or to mark a file as authentic. This article is a great introduction to the principles, applications, and technologies relating to digital watermarking. But if you are interested in this topic, don't stop your investigation here, as only technologies from IBM are highlighted (all the authors are IBM employees). - RT

Electronic Publishing

Valauskas, Edward. "Waiting for Thomas Kuhn: First Monday and the Evolution of Electronic Journals" First Monday 2 (12) ( - First Monday's editor surveys the growth of the journal as a case study in Internet-based, peer-reviewed journals. It's not at all a self-serving piece; on the contrary, he uses his experiences with the journal and with print journals to think about the future in broad terms. The print journal will not disappear entirely, he believes; instead, a rich diversity of formats will persist. - TH

Multimedia & Hypermedia

CIDOC Multimedia Working Group Multimedia Evaluation Criteria ( September 1997. -- This set of evaluation criteria can be used in many evaluation or survey projects as a set of questions and criteria for measuering the full effectiveness of multimedia resources on web, CD-ROM, DVD, etc. - RR

Networks & Networking

Global Information Locator Service FAQ, Dec. 26, 1997 ( . - This FAQ, compiled primarily by Eliot Christian of the US Geological Survey, is very thorough in answering questions about this new technical standard to facilitate resource discovery. - RR

Minow, Mary. "Filters and the Public Library: A Legal and Policy Analysis" First Monday 2 (12) ( - Minow insightfully reviews the tangled area of public policy covering Internet access in public libraries. Much policy is decided without empirical evidence for any stance, and the resulting policies demonstrate this gap in their ambivalence, and lack of clarity. Minow maps some strategies librarians can employ to balance the needs of the community with the directives of the profession, and provides a useful review of the issues along the way. - TH

Olson, Nancy B. Cataloging Internet Resources: A Manual and Practical Guide. Second edition. Dublin, Ohio: OCLC Online Computer Library Center, 1997 ( - In what is clearly a nascent field, this online resource stands out as the only reference tool for librarians cataloging Internet resources using MARC (MAchine Readable Cataloging). If you are a cataloger, this is the kind of nitty-gritty guidance that makes a difficult job easier. One of the most useful sections is the appendix with record examples, although in poignant counterpoint at least a couple of the URLs in the example records were out of date. - RT

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