Current Cites

December 2011

Edited by Roy Tennant

Contributors: Roy Tennant

Editor's Note: With this issue we break with over two decades of tradition to publish a single citation. Also, it could be argued that we are breaking another of our traditions to not cite something twice (except in error). Last month we cited a Powerpoint presentation on a report that was behind a paywall. Afterwards the report was placed in a publicly-available area, thereby allowing us and anyone else to download and read the full report upon which the presentation was based.

We applaud this move by the Education Advisory Board. I felt, as did my contributors, that this report is so important to academic libraries that it merited our full attention this month. So if you do not care about academic libraries you get off free this month. Use your additional time wisely. But if you do care, as do we, read on. - Roy Tennant

Redefining the Academic Library: Managing the Migration to Digital Information Services. Washington, DC: Education Advisory Board, 2011.(

Here, in summary form, are the main points of this seminal report, delineated under the four broad areas under which they were organized. If you work for an academic library, we urge you to study this report and consider its potential implications for your own institution.

Transformational Change in the Information Landscape

Leveraging Digital Collections

Rethinking the Scholarly Publishing Model

Repurposing Library Space

Redeploying Library Staff