Current Cites

January 2020

Edited by Roy Tennant

Contributors: Warren Cheetham, Edward Lim Junhao, Nancy Nyland

Editor's Note: With this issue I would like to welcome a new Cites contributor: Edward Lim Junhao, a Reference and Research Services Librarian for Business at New York University Shanghai. He has his first cite in this issue. Welcome, Edward!

Horrigan, John B. "Beyond Connectivity: How California Libraries Can Leverage Bandwidth to Advance Community GoalsThe Aspen Institute  (June 2019)( - Connecting public libraries to superfast broadband networks is just the first step. How do these networks, originally built for universities and other research institutions, and now being opened to other cultural and learning organisations, enable public libraries to experiment and create new services for their communities? This publication reports on the results of the “Beyond Connectivity: Gigabit Network Use in California Public Libraries” conference, which examined how public libraries in California are using the CENIC network to identify what more can be done to support the development of advanced library services using new digital technologies. It gives an overview of some of the programs and services that Californian libraries are experimenting with and discusses the challenges in getting the most out of the broadband network. The conference proposed some specific initiatives that could put into focus how libraries can use the increased bandwidth, and these included universal pre-kindergarten, youth programs and civic engagement. - WC

Potter, Ned. "Step By Step: Making Videos With Videoscribe  ( - Ned Potter is a thought leader in library marketing. Here, he introduces Videoscribe as one of the newest tools for video production. It was impressive that a 60-second promotional video was produced by his team in under 4 hours, so this is something worth exploring! I came across a similar video tool recently as well – called Loom. It's a way to video capture what's on your screen, with an optional talking head (i.e., you). This could be a value-add to those who do reference work, or merely another way of communicating (vs. email, phone, in-person). It seems that the tools that can help produce more engaging videos are now available. Who hasn't heard of Tik Tok these days? - ELJ

Snapp, Mary Beth, and Michelle  Henley. "Integrating Lean UX Practices Into the Development of Library SystemsComputers in Libraries  40(1)(January 2020): 4 - 8. ( - Web development requires a strategy to balance the need for constant updates with the need for assessment, while maintaining a work load within the library’s staffing capacity. The Ohio State University Libraries have adopted “Lean UX,” an amalgamation of “UX design, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile software development.” Some of the challenges of Web design were at least partially solved by the use of Lean UX: finding students users to test new prototypes, making a plan to communicate enhancements to users, and remembering to include assessment in a “feedback cycle.” The notes provide further resources for those who want to learn about Agile software development and Lean UX. - NN