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First page of first issue

The first page of the first issue

Current Cites began in August 1990 as a product of the Library Technology Watch Program at the University of California, Berkeley Library. Both were created by Roy Tennant in an attempt to help librarians and library staff keep up with the rapid pace of technological change.

In 1992, David F.W. Robison (the first editor) and Roy Tennant received the Network Citizen Award from Apple Computer Library for their role in Current Cites.

In 1994, Teri Andrews Rinne became the Editor, and ably served in that capacity for the next six years. Roy Tennant succeeded her in that role with the August 2000 issue.

The article "The Changing States of Current Cites: The Evolution of an Electronic Journal" by David F.W. Robison serves as its definitive history through June 1993, when it was published in Computers in Libraries (v. 13, no. 6, June 1993, p.21-26). Clicking on the page images below will bring up a larger version.

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In May 2005 Current Cites moved to a new home at, hosted by OCLC. In 2011, the mailing list was transitioned to the University of Notre Dame and the web site was migrated to a server managed by Roy Tennant, with it's own domain name. A few years later, the mailing list was transitioned to the University of Cincinnati.